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Outdoor Lighting

Many homeowners add outdoor lighting to their landscaping to improve the look of their home and property, which can increase the resale value. It also improves safety by lighting up paths and walkways, and this can deter prowlers. Below are a few basic outdoor lighting design ideas:

Functional lighting. Many homeowners start their outdoor lighting design by illuminating walkways, stairs, porches, and outdoor living spaces in order to increase their functionality and safety. Professionals also can create lighting that adds drama and beauty in those areas. So be clear on whether you just want safety lighting or whether you also want to accent features on the house or in the yard.

Add drama. Outdoor lighting techniques can add drama to any feature: a stone wall, pool area, water feature, front door, or ornamental trees. Different techniques are used for different purposes. Pros might use accent lighting, diffused lighting, up lighting, or down lighting to highlight specific areas in the landscape. Your landscape will show greater depth if you light different types of features throughout the yard.

Don't over light. Outdoor lighting is meant to highlight special features in pools of light. Don’t flood an area with overly strong lighting.